Our main business at Ag Knowledge Australia, is as an Ag Leader dealer but we also continue to service and repair AutoFarm Equipment. As an Ag Leader dealer we not only sell ALL Ag Leader products, we also Install, Repair and Service them aswell.

We don't just want to be here to provide you with these products and services either. We aim to work with you to provide you with the best possible solution for your Precision Farming needs that will in turn improve your bottom line and increase profit. Further still we want to make this sustainable into the future.


Some of the Ag Leader products include:

Guidance and Steering systems.

            Ag Leader offer a number of high quality displays and steering systems to keep you "On Track".


            SeedCommand Ag Leaders planter control system offering Hydraulic Downforce, Electric and Hydraulic Drive, and Seed Tube monitoring.

Direct Command.

            DirectCommand is Ag Leaders solution for product control on your spray rig.

Yield Monitoring.

            Ag Leader has the ability to map the varying yield across your farm, which inturn will allow you to make changes in the future to help improve how your crop yields.


There are many other products from Ag Leader which you can find on their website.


We also provide service and repair of AutoFarm products including their Auto Steer, AF Tracker, and Auto Level. We also have some used equipment for sale.

If you would like to talk with us more about our products, please contact us online.

Ag Knowledge Australia, Keeping you on the Straight and Narrow since 2000 and into the Future.


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