Homburg Holland

Homburg Holland has been an importer of Ag Leader for the Netherlands and Flanders since 2016. In addition to the Ag Leader program, Homburg Holland develops and supplies SmartMODULES worldwide such as SmartSTEER, SmartLEVEL.

Here at Ag Knowledge Australia we are the local dealers for the Smart Modules for the Darling Downs and Burnett Regions.


SmartLEVEL is a GPS levelling kit for Ag Leader (ISOBUS) GPS displays. SmartLEVEL runs on the ISOBUS VT screen using a (Glonass) RTK antenna for elevation control:

  • Functionality is comparable with laser leveling
  • One main direction is and a grade can be set in upto three different directions
  • Three function modes opersted using the supplied joystick
  1. Full manual up and down
  2. Semi-automatic (manually go up and down but scraper will not go below set grade
  3. Full Automatic based on set grades or map
  • Hardware consists of one main controller mounted on the scraper, connected to the valve rtk antenna and display in machine
  • Controller is supplied with all cabling including ISOBUS connecter to connect to tractor

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SmartSTEER is an RTK implement steering kit for Ag Leader (ISOBUS) GPS displays. SmartSTEER runs on the ISOBUS VT screen using an RTK antenna for steering the implement:

  • SmartSTEER will steer the implement actively towards chosen guidance path of tractor (curves supported)
  • Follows actual autosteer path of tractor
  • Compatible with rear mounted implements with wheel, coulter, drawbar and sideshift steering
  • Speeds of 0.5km/h to 12km/h (higher speeds available through advanced settings
  • System requires RTK autosteer on both tractor and implement at same time



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