Whether you are new to precision farming, or you've been doing it for years, one thing is clear: the display you choose is the hub of any successful operation. That's why Ag Leader gives you three choices that are easy to use, feature-rich and competitively priced.

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SteerCommand Z2


Ag Leader can revolutionize the way you farm with our autosteer technologies. If you want sub-inch accuracy, leading steering performance and simple setup, you'll get that and much more with the new SteerCommand automated steering controller paired with GPS 7500.

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The newly designed SteadySteer Assisted Steering system will reduce operator fatigue and help improve pass-to-pass accuracy without hooking into hydraulics.

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GPS 7500


Up to Sub-inch Accuracy
With RTK, TerraStar-C Pro, TerraStar-L, SBAS and GLIDE.

Dual-Frequency GNSS Receiver
Fully scalable, compact, rugged smart antenna, designed to meet the demands of today’s professional growers.

400 MHz and 900 MHz RTK Radio options.

GLONASS, 20Hz output, LED Monitoring and Radar Speed Output.

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GPS Solutions and Precision Farming Technology